Want To Update Your Campaign?

If you want to make changes to the variables you initially provided, you can send your request by filling out the form below for a free campaign update once per billing cycle excluding the first billing month. (* means required information. You can fill out only what is necessary.)
Please submit the form ONLY once per your billing cycle excluding the first billing month.
Any update requests during the first billing month, or after you've already submitted your request will be considered as a revision request.
Each revision requires additional hours, and a revision fee will apply.
If you want to request a revision, click HERE to make a payment. Otherwise, all invalid requests will not be processed.

To update your current settings, please complete the short form below and check your inbox or spam folder for a copy of it.
Also make sure to read the important notes below AND in the confirmation email. 
If you don't receive it within a few hours, please contact us at [email protected]

Your request will be processed within two to three business days, sometimes sooner.

*Friendly reminder: to keep your account safe, we recommend against changing your username/password, and
your plan cannot be transferred to another Instagram account before the end of your billing cycle. 
It can result in errors, password reset and other unintended consequences and we will not be responsible for any issues resulting from any activities against our recommendations. Please know that you're expected to pay an extra service fee, should you wish to have us help resolve those issues. ($75+/hr).

Post-Sale Questions & Answers

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