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Before you go, please note that you will be losing the following benefits.

  •  Consistency is the key in social media marketing, canceling your membership may cause you to lose the momentum that we have created for you.
  •  We offer personalized community management. Your fans might disengage after we stop this service.
  •  Any decrease in activities may cause your fans to lose interest, which could also lead to a loss of trust and credibility from industry or prospects.
  • Rebuilding and regaining what you worked hard to build can be more challenging.

Important Note: Your project will be permanently removed from our database at the end of your billing cycle If you ever want to resume later, a reconfiguration fee may apply and we won't be able to recover deleted projects.
If you want to use another growth service provider, we recommend resting your account for at least three to four weeks and making sure that the provider is highly experienced. Otherwise, it can result in errors, password reset and other unintended consequences, and we will not be responsible for it, hence we won't be able to help you.

Also keep in mind that in order to maintain our high-quality service, support and constant updates, there may be some changes to the pricing and the plans from time to time. The price change WILL NOT affect existing clients but once you cancel or suspend your subscription, we won't be able to honor your current rate.

Lastly, we strongly suggest you change your password once your Social Uplifted subscription expires to keep your account(s) safe.
Note that we won't be responsible for any issues with your account.once your subscription expires because we permanently remove your project from our database for your security.

Thank you for your understanding!

If you'd like us to keep your project in our database, you're expected to cover the backup cost of $20/mo so that you can avoid the reconfiguration fee and following the users you've already followed and unfollowed, leaving comments on the same posts you've already commented, etc when you want to resume later. 

By cancelling, you will no longer be eligible for a free setup in the future.

Continue enjoying your Social Uplifted benefits and grow your influence!

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We're sorry to see you go. Remember, you can come back to us at anytime.
If you ever change your mind after cancellation, email us at [email protected] BEFORE the end of your billing cycle to avoid the reconfiguration fee of terminated accounts.
Your information will be removed from our database  to protect the security of your information.

We sincerely wish you well in your future endeavors.

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