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Coronavirus: How To Grow Your Business Through The COVID-19 Crisis

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Grow your business through the Coronavirus pandemic!

Most people will find it borderline bizarre to attempt getting rich in the midst of a recession not to mention during the current Coronavirus pandemic. You definitely won't get rich by cutting down on your coffee expenses BUT you can get rich by becoming obsessed with generating income. How do you make money when the rest of the world seems to be clinging to theirs? Should you be spending money during these times? I'm here to tell you that you can! Now, let's look at how you can grow your business during the Coronavirus crisis!

Once you focus all your energy on income as oppose to minor expenses (such as your morning latte), you naturally start generating income. Income that allows you to spend on anything without having to question whether you should be saving cash instead of spending it.  

Riches are made in recessions

Companies are cutting back on expenses in these financially uncertain times. More often than not, the marketing budget is the first to take a cut. Bad news for those companies but good news for you! This creates a gap for you to make cash during even the most uncertain financial times. Less competition due to marketing budget constraints means that you have a golden opportunity to shine with a killer Instagram marketing campaign.

The greatest part of it? You have less competition as the chances are your competitors are the ones cutting down on their marketing costs and as a result their online presence. Finally, giving some underdogs the opportunity to boost their businesses aggressively! 

3 Tips to grow your business during the outbreak

COVID-19 might have created havoc all over the world and plummeted the global economy into a downward spiral. But with a few savvy tips, you'll be able to generate and cash in, even during these economically unstable times!

1. Get more exposure!

With your competitors most likely ditching their marketing efforts, you are able to gain substantial exposure with kicking off an Instagram campaign that is second to none. You now have the opportunity to enjoy maximum exposure and as a result, you can increase your income dramatically. 

2. Increase your Instagram following...

We have already established that this is the perfect time for you to increase your exposure and more importantly your income. One of the most effective ways to get more exposure when the whole world is in quarantine is leveraging Instagram because more eyeballs are on one of the most popular social media platforms.  

Take advantage of it by growing your Instagram following and engagement, organically. Now that you have your potential followers' full attention (as we all await the end of the Corona virus pandemic), it's time to grow your list of potential customers, and in doing so, your income!

3. Get an Instagram marketing budget for FREE

Have no fear! You do not need cash at hand. You only need a few savvy tips to get you going. And I want to show you how you can get your hands on a marketing budgeting today!

Get Free Money From the COVID-19 Stimulus Bill

With the recently passed $2 trillion stimulus package, which has been designed to help businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you are able to get your share to spend on your marketing efforts. From small business owners to entrepreneurs the COVID-19 stimulus package is designed to help your business succeed in the most challenging of times.

Powerful growth potential during the Coronavirus struggle...

Are you ready to get ahead of the competition during these unprecedented times and seize the opportunity to achieve long-term wealth using the the fastest growing social network at 5% growth per quarter? 

You can skyrocket your brand and build brand loyalty for repeat purchases, by growing your Instagram following from 300 to a whopping 2000+ per month. I mean REAL followers! Let me show you how...

Get the highest quality growth engine to ensure you maximize your Instagram campaigns and cash in on cold-hard cash during COVID-19, world recession, and anything else that life throws your way!

Instagram Growth Engine

Dramatically grow your Instagram following with highly-targeted users to drive more traffic and sales for your business FAST!

Author: Asher Aarons

Asher is a writer at Social Uplifted. When not at his working desk, he enjoys skateboarding like an enthusiast, jogging with his dog, Bertie in Venice Beach every morning. Either that or he could end up watching an entire season of Game of Thrones in one day.

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The Easiest Way To Reset Your Instagram Password

Reset Your Instagram Password Fast

What's The Importance Of Instagram?

Having a large social media presence gives you a significant advantage in life. It makes it easier to attract new people and opportunities, get a better job, or grow your business. Here at Social Uplifted, we've been helping thousands of entrepreneurs and influencers. 

Problems That We Often Encounter

Surprisingly, over 10% of our customers for Instagram growth service fail to verify their account due to invalid password. Therefore, this simple error leads to delays and unnecessary back and forth. 

More often than not, it looks like some customers keep failing to reset their password even if the instruction is provided and sadly, they fail to get to enjoy the benefit of their Social Uplifted membership including getting more followers and likes and growing engagement and influence.

How To Easily Reset Your Instagram Password

There are three possible reasons why you're unable to login to your account. It could be that there was a typo or your username is incorrect, or worse, you've completely forgotten about your Instagram credentials without acknowledging it. We've come up with an easy step-by-step to reset your password on Instagram.

1. Go To Instagram

Go to your Instagram app or Instagram's website. Under the sign up, you can see the "Log In", click it and enter your credentials.

As you can see on this image, there is a link for "Forgot your password?", click it.

2. Request A Password Reset Email

After that, enter the email you used for the specific Instagram account. Once done, you can click the "Send Login Link". This password recovery method is the easiest one since you will just reset it from an email sent by Instagram.

3. Open The Email Sent By Instagram

Head over to your email and open the "Reset Password" email. You will see a blue button with your Instagram account. Click the blue button, and you will be directed to a new page where you can enter a new password.

Enter a new Instagram password and click Reset Password once you're done.

4. Login To Your Instagram Account

Once you've done with all the steps above, log in to Instagram using your new password. This will allow you to ensure that the password you create is working properly.

What If These Steps Didn't Work?

I Did Not Receive A Password Reset Email

Instagram emails may take a few more minutes for others. Once you haven't received any email, ensure that you have a strong internet connection.

If you still didn't receive an email, you can head back to Instagram and send another request for a password reset email. On some cases, emails from Instagram or any social media is put under Promotions, Spam or other email folders. Ensure that you check every folder in your inbox for the email.

If you still don't see it, then contact your email hosting company that may have blocked emails from Instagram. 

I Forgot My Instagram Password & Email

It seems impossible, but forgetting both your email and password can happen especially if you have a complicated email or maybe you haven't touched your account for a long time.

Don't panic! You can still retrieve your password through Facebook or your phone number.

Retrieve Your Password Through Facebook

If you have your Facebook connected to your Instagram account, you can easily login through it by clicking "Login With Facebook".

 This  method will need only your Facebook credentials and once you've successfully logged in, you can easily reset your password.

Retrieve Instagram Password With You Mobile Number

Here's another tip for getting your new password, especially if you're running out of options. When you forgot your password, you can choose to retrieve it with your phone number and Instagram will send you a handy text message with a link that you can click which will direct you to a password reset page.

I Can't Access The Email I Used For Instagram

Once you're unable to access your email, you can always go through your mobile number or Facebook login to get back on track with your Instagram account.

It is also suggested that you contact your email provider as per Instagram to assist you further with your concern.

I Have Successfully Changed My Password!

Congratulations! That was easy, right?

A lot of growth service providers ask for the password, and a lot of users are concerned about their security. At Social Uplifted, To ensure your safety and privacy is protected, your password will be encrypted. Hence Social Uplifted won't be able to view it. It will only be used to verify your account to make sure you own the account and obtain necessary data via Instagram API.

We recommend that you note your password in an application or try your best to memorize them to prevent these problems from occurring which can lead to bigger problems. Now that we're done, allow us to help you with your Instagram growth journey. Monetize your Instagram with us!

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