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Get Your Instagram Hashtag Trending

How To Get Your Hashtag Trending On Instagram In 2019

Hashtags To Get You Trending!

Social media really came to make our lives easier, from helping us make friends, know what people across the world are doing, and also, helped us boost our business.

Now, it may seem as simple as taking a fantastic photo, and uploading it to your page, then waiting for the likes and followers, but just like everything else in life, there are hacks.

Take for example Instagram. A photo/video has a higher chance of getting likes if you have a higher number of Instagram followers.

Apart from boosting your followers, there is also a little symbol called the hashtag that could do wonders for your page, and is one of the best ways to get Instagram followers and likes.

Gone are the days when you had to rely on fake Instagram followers, or buying Instagram followers, which as we have seen, ends up being disadvantageous when Instagram decides to do a sweep of all fake accounts. 

You have probably seen it used in a lot of posts, for example #love #travel #foodie #work. What is the use of hashtags anyway? It can’t just be to increase the word count on captions and comments, right?

What Does A Hashtag Do?

Hashtags basically make your posts, and even stories, more visible, and not just to your followers, but to users who do not follow you too! See, for example, by putting the hashtag #food under a post of that scrumptious lasagna you just made, you will be viewed by anyone who searches for food on Instagram.

It is, however, important to note that no matter how magical hashtags sound, you still need to ensure that you have a good following, and also are posting quality content in order to get the kind of traction you want for trending.

Once we have established the important of hashtags, we go to the next step. Learning how to use them. Don’t worry, it I not a complicated mathematical process full of jargon you will not understand. Honestly, it's actually stuff you are doing already with your regular posts.

How To Properly Use A Hashtag

Since your post will appear on the explore page part of Instagram, there are a few factors that will determine how high up it will appear on the page. For example, how often you have used the hashtag on your post or story, the number of likes and comments on that post, which is why it is important for you to boost your following.

Posts with a higher engagement will most likely be at the top of the trending list. The timing of your post is also important. Get to know at what times people use social media the most, for example, during the traffic rush hours, on Friday and Saturday nights et cetera.

These are the best times for you to post, since more people are online and you’ll get more engagement on your posts. 

Some of the things to consider while using hashtags include:

• How often you use hashtags, and the amount.
• Are they appropriate for your post/their relevance to what you have posted.
• How well you use the hashtags.
Now, I will break down and expound on these points.

How Often Should You Use Hashtags?

Let’s say, you are a travel blogger. There are a lot of hashtags you might decide to use, from #wanderlust #travel #explore #destination and maybe the name of the place you have traveled to, like #Everest.

You see, it might be tempting to use the first four on all your travel posts, right? No. First of all Instagram’s community guidelines discourage users from repeating the same captions and comments.

It also will prevent your post from appearing at the top of a search page, since newer comments stand a much higher chance. Get creative!

The number of hashtags you use also matters, with the recommended limit for hashtags on stories being 10, while for posts / comments, it is 30. Cluttering your post with hashtags might actually put off a user, thus making you lose potential, or even existing followers.

The Relevance Of The Hashtags To Your Post

If you are posting about a historical feature, it will not make sense for you to put in the hashtags #fun or #party for the purpose of trending it.

They completely do not go well together, and your post might not get the attention it needs. Make sure to use appropriate / relevant hashtags, ones that go well together with what you have posted. 

How Well You Use The Trending Hashtags

This, might just be the most important one of them all. Avoid getting flagged by posting inappropriate hashtags, as this will make your post get less, or even no view, since it will not appear on the search page.

Observe what hashtags your competition, or a famous influencer is using, and try to learn from their trends to stay on top of the game. You could also check your most successful posts, and what hashtags you used. Sometimes, you can be your own best teacher.

What You Need To Avoid

To avoid filling your stories with hashtags, you can hide them behind a sticker maybe.

As for your posts, you don’t have to put them in your caption, but instead, add them in as a comment. It will still serve the purpose of making them discoverable.

You might also want to consider using emoji hashtags, the colorful characters might pique the interest of some users. Use hashtags that seem to be popular, this will boost the chances of your post being higher up on the search page. 

Another important factor to note, is that you should avoid soliciting for likes and follows. Hashtags such as #likeforlike or#followforfollow might be in bad taste for a lot of users, which is not good for your page.

Are You Ready To Trend?

Remember, you can also add hashtags to your bio to represent what your page is all about. If you are a brand, you can create your own hashtags and use them to drum business. Keep your hashtags short and sweet, long ones get too tedious to read. Also, make sure they are easy for your viewers to remember.

With all this advice, you are most definitely on your way to boost your Instagram growth, which is such an advantage to you, especially if you are a brand. I understand, you don't want to sweat out all these details? If you enjoy working smart and want to focus on growing your business and meeting your customers' needs, social media experts at Social Uplifted can help you manage your Instagram content and help you save time and money. 

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