On this resource page, we’ve put together a list of useful tools that have helped us optimize our marketing campaigns for better results.
We have categorized them on the basis of the marketing tactics these tools can help you with.

The Best Domain Name Registrar


Are you starting a website and in need of an affordable domain name?

Namecheap is a great option for those looking for domains as they not only provide an affordable option, but also perks such as free privacy protection. The prices start at $0.99 per domain the first year, and they offer a variety of useful add-ons. As you may know, not many domain registrars provide privacy protection for free when you buy a domain from them.

What makes Namecheap an excellent choice to purchase all of your domains isn't just its affordable pricing but also how easy they are to manage once you've registered them.
In short, Namecheap is the best option for domain registration. Ready to register your domain hassle-free? Get started here!

The Best Web Hosting Platform


A web hosting platform is a service that hosts your site on the internet and make it accessible to visitors when they search the URL.

Special computers, also known as "servers" store and manage your website's content, and protect it from attacks by malware and viruses. Servers can be shared with other people or even have dedicated servers depending on the need.

Nowadays, everyone is moving to cloud hosting for their websites. You can buy virtual space and share resources with other people looking for cloud based web hosting. This lets you save money on your website hosting plan.

Most web hosting companies will require you to register a domain before they can host your website. You can buy one from Namecheap if you don't have one already.

Cloudways offers 24/7 customer service, so if you ever need assistance, there will always be someone around to talk to. I never waited for more than a couple of seconds before they answered my questions through chat. The representatives are professional and quite knowledgeable, too.

We've hosted our website on Cloudways for the past two years. Our website was loading in about 2-3 seconds on other hosting companies like SiteGround, Bluehost and WPX but now it loads in less than 1 second on Cloudways.


Cloudways is the most reliable web hosting provider for any projects. Sign up for a free three-day trial HERE by creating your username and password..

Automate Your Social Media Scheduling and Publishing


SocialPilot is a great tool to simplify social media management for teams and agencies. It's easy to use and the interface is very straightforward, which makes scheduling content & keeping your streams lively quick and painless.

It is a budget-friendly alternative to some of the more popular yet more costly social media tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite.

There’s a 14-day free trial (no credit card required) with all plans. Test SocialPilot’s Small Team plan for Free to see if it’s the right social media tool to meet your business needs.

Rank Your Videos #1 on Youtube


TubeBuddy is a video marketing and management solution specifically built to help YouTube creators. With tools for publishing and promoting videos, it's the most trusted solution for getting your video seen by as many people as possible.

TubeBuddy is a great tool for accelerating your YouTube views and assists you get your YouTube videos at the at the top of search. When uploading, it will also recommend you the most relevant keywords to your video, which will help you rank higher on YouTube and also on Google search.

Additionally, it provides you with an entire YouTube SEO checklist that will result in more views for your video. It also allows you to analyze the performance of your videos in depth and you can look up your competitors' keywords on similar videos that increases your chance to rank high in searches. The thumbnail maker will help you to create eye-catchy thumbnails for your videos when uploading.

They have tons of free tools you can check out right here!

Write Blog Articles 10x Faster with AI


How would you to have an AI tool write all of your marketing copy and content? So you could get back to actually working on your business?

If the answer is "Yes!" then you'll love this most advanced AI copywriting tool in the world. You're going to be shocked at how well this artificial intelligence writes copy.

If you sign up TODAY on September 25 2023, I'll personally add 10,000 free word credits to your account. That's 10,000 words generated by Jarvis on top of the existing 20,000 words generated you already get.

What could you get done with 30,000 high quality words in marketing copy or content for your business this month?
To get the credits, click HERE for a special sign up link

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